A Roundup: This Week’s Top Seizures

April 20, 2011 § 6 Comments

This week two big seizures in the U.S. stand out to us. First, a counterfeit clothing ring in Chicago was busted by law enforcement. The counterfeiters worked several shops from the West to South sides of the city where over $150,000 in counterfeit clothing and shoes were confiscated. The 4,000 items included many Major League Baseball knockoffs as well as Timberland and Nike fakes. One of the nine men charged previously pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unauthorized use of a trademark and spent 6 months under court supervision. Maybe this time there should be a stricter punishment.

(Image from Chicago Tribune)

The second large seizure this week came from a flea market raid in South Carolina. 14 people renting space at the Anderson Jockey Lot (Belton flea market) have been charged in the sale of counterfeit recordings as well as illegal transportation, distribution or sale of counterfeit items. Law enforcement seized more than $250,000 in merchandise which included more than 9,000 DVDs, 1,000 CDs, Nike and Adidas footwear, MLB and NBA apparel, designer Coach, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana handbags and other name brand clothing.

Remember, if you see a fake at a flea market or retail boutique, report it. These types of counterfeit goods take away taxes from your local economy, support gangs and terrorist organizations, and undermine the work of legitimate brands and designers.


China Takes Charge; Arrests Over 3,000

March 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

CHINA HAS A BAD REPUTATION AS BEING ONE OF THE leading sources in counterfeit manufacturing. Everything from counterfeit clothes to fake pharmaceuticals and electronics have been sourced from China. Starting last October, Chinese authorities began the largest crackdown the country has seen in a very long time. From seizures of counterfeit products to thousands of arrests, police and customs officials are taking no prisoners.

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According to a recent Fox News article, Chinese authorities have arrested over 3,000 people and shut down 292 websites selling counterfeit and fake goods. They expect these numbers to continue to rise. The American Chamber of Commerce in China says 70 percent of its member companies consider Beijing’s enforcement of patents, trademarks and copyrights ineffective. The article also mentions that rampant copying has hampered Beijing’s efforts to attract technology industries because businesspeople say companies are reluctant to do high-level research in China or bring in advanced designs for fear of theft. The Chinese are fully aware of their reputation regarding the fake trade, but law enforcement has promised the public that their current anti-counterfeiting campaign will continue to grow, produce lasting results and reduce the number of criminals.

Hopefully this latest campaign will push China away from being one of the top producers of counterfeit products and establish the country as a more reputable source for manufacturing and for doing business in general.

Counterfeits Fund Terrorist Group Hezballah

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

OST PEOPLE ARE AWARE OF THE CRIMINAL ACTS ASSOCIATED WITH THE SALES of counterfeit goods, while others are still skeptical. A recent arrest is a worthy example of how counterfeit goods are linked to terrorism. (See the full article here).

In Philadelphia a man was charged for selling counterfeits in order to raise funds for the terrorist group Hezballah. More specifically, Hezballah is a Lebonese militant group. The suspect sold counterfeits in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area of the U.S. and was recently extradited back for trial from South America. He has been charged with 28 offenses, including conspiring to support Hezballah with proceeds from the sale of counterfeit goods and cash, stolen merchandise and fraudulent passports. He was arrested in Paraguay last June.

There are thousands of operations such as this one happening across the globe. Criminals see counterfeiting as a low risk, high profit business to fund other crimes. In many cases, the outcome is to support terrorist acts. Evidence has shown that Al Queda training manuals suggest using the fake trade as a form of bringing in revenue to fund operations. All we ask is that you think about what you are contributing to the next time you buy a counterfeit product.

Los Angeles Woman Arrested for Selling Bogus Botox

August 4, 2008 § Leave a comment

A California woman has been arrested for selling counterfeit Botox over the Internet to consumers across the country. The U.S. FDA advises consumers to have medical procedures conducted by a licensed practitioner, and ask about the authenticity and origin of their cosmetic fillers before scheduling an appointment.

Non-approved injectable fillers can lead to botched cosmetic procedures. Last year, Daniel Serrano was imprisoned for injecting patients with what turned out to be low-grade silicon, similar to the kind used in auto lubricant, causing punctures in patients’ skin and even paralysis.

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