Harper’s Bazaar Seventh Annual Anticounterfeiting Summit

April 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

On April 26th, we held our Harper’s Bazaar Seventh Annual Anticounterfeiting Summit at the Hearst Tower in New York City. The theme for the industry luncheon was “Counterfeiting 2.0: The Internet and Its Effect on the Global Counterfeiting Epidemic.” The event kicked off with keynote speaker Frank Abagnale. Subject of the acclaimed book, movie and now Broadway play, Catch Me If You Can, Abagnale has spent the subsequent years following his cons (he posed as a pilot, doctor and lawyer all before the age of 21) helping the FBI in their efforts to put an end to forgery. Abagnale was quoted saying, “We need a strong public service campaign. Consumers need to know that contributing to counterfeit culture contributes to much darker things—like terrorism. People might not realize that lives are literally at stake here.”

(From the left: Alan Marks, Frank Abagnale, Valerie Salembier, Susan Engel, Thomas Onda and Fred Fellman)

The panel for the luncheon, moderated by Harper’s Bazaar Publisher Valerie Salembier, included industry leaders Thomas Onda, Chief IP Counsel at Levis Strauss, Susan Engel, CEO at Portero Luxury and Alan Marks, Senior VP, Global Communications at eBay. Before the event began, instead of asking the fashionable crowd to put their cell phones away, Salembier urged them to tweet and use the hashtag #FANIF2011.

Memorable tweets:

@jessicakleiman I buy counterfeit products as part of my job – I once worked w/a counterfeiter who had a return policy, says Levi’s Onda #FANIF2011

@iamsamlim Fakes fund terrorism, fuel child labor abuse, destroy business plus they look awful.  #FANIF2011

@EHolmesWSJ Thomas Onda, IP counsel at Levi’s and panelist at anticounterfeiting summit, owns 900 pairs of jeans. Fashion folks gasped- #FANIF2011

@RoshniMurthy Marks says a pair of shoes is sold on ebay EVERY 7 SECONDS. #FANIF2011

@eye4style There are 95 million active buyers and sellers on @eBay. #themoreyouknow #fanif2011

@neverfakes: Happy to have Diane von Furstenberg @DVF, President of @CFDA in attendance #FANIF2011

@harpersbazaarus Can you guess which bag is fake? Answer is: They all are. #FANIF2011 http://t.co/Qj9GJ2t

For more information about the Summit, visit www.fakesareneverinfashion.com and the Bazaar Report.


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