Counterfeit Buyers Beware

April 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

(Image taken from NY Post article)

According to a recent article in the NY Post this week, Councilwoman Margaret Chin is proposing a new bill to fine those who buy counterfeits up to $1,000. Chin’s district happens to be Chinatown, where people still flock to buy fake products.

“People are still coming, and the industry is growing, and we have to stop the demand. We need people to know that they are feeding this demand,” said Chin. “The punishment might seem draconian, but it’s necessary to curb the growing problem.”

The bill already has five co-sponsors and she has gained much supported for her fellow colleagues; all of whom are aware of the criminal activities associated with counterfeit goods. One manager of a Chinatown boutique said she supports the bill. “It’s wrong to sell [fake goods]. I don’t like people coming in here assuming we also sell fake stuff.”

The NY Post reports that if the bill is passed, some NYC law enforcement have expressed that the law would be hard to enforce. So we ask you, is it a good idea to penalize shoppers for buying fakes? Do you think this law would actually be enforced by officials?


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