Holograms Continue To Play A Role In Anti-Counterfeiting

April 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

We are hearing more and more about the pharmaceutical industry using holograms for better anti-counterfeiting protection. According to a recent article put forth by The International Hologram Manufacturers’ Assn., the World Health Organization has estimated that annual earnings from the global sales of counterfeit and substandard medicines exceed $32 billion. This pushes the pharmaceutical industry to fight even harder against counterfeits.

Brands are not only using the holograms as a flashy point-of-sale, but they are going a step further providing authentication through the use of holograms as well as putting forth track-and-trace systems. These systems trace the product from its source as well as where it has been and where it is going to prove that the medication or product is authentic. This initiative requires all registered medicines, OTC pharmaceuticals, and traditional medicines to carry a uniquely numbered label built around a hologram.

The article makes a great point that all brands should consider:

Pharmaceutical companies and organizations involved in successful anti-counterfeiting efforts also recognize that it should not be the sole responsibility of the consumer to examine a hologram to check that the product is genuine. Rather than rely on untrained members of the public to identify counterfeits, it must be the primary responsibility of manufacturers and the enforcement agencies to ensure that fake pharmaceuticals should not be able to enter the legitimate supply chain in the first place.

A consumer should be able to go to their local pharmacy or drug store and trust that their Colgate toothpaste or diabetic medication is legitimate. In America, there are many that have that luxury, but in other countries, that just isn’t the case. Brands should do all that they can to protect the consumer and pharmacies should take the necessary precautions to make sure that their suppliers are trustworthy sources of medication. As a consumer, the best you can do is buy from a trusted pharmacy. Do not buy medication or supplements online unless you are sure it is an authorized reseller of the brand.


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