New York Post Goes Undercover To Expose NYC Counterfeits

March 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

JOHN CRUDELE’S COLUMN OF THE NEW YORK POST TODAY IS AN INTERESTING recap of a recent undercover investigation into the counterfeit industry in New York City. The Post hired a spy to go underground into the warehouses and supply chain of the fake trade in our own backyard.

The undercover agent found tons of fake clothes, handbags and sneakers. He even overheard conversations between wholesalers and customers “talking about how much they liked these enemies of the US.” One man said he liked Hezbollah, the Middle East terrorist organization. It has become increasingly evident that the sales from counterfeits fund terrorist acts. In a recent FANIF blog post, we referenced an article about a man who was charged for selling counterfeits in order to raise funds for this same group.

The Post started the investigation to show consumers all the millions of tax dollars that were being taken away from the city, but uncovered a much deeper issue. Crudele was left wondering, what percentage of the sales from counterfeits ends up in the hands of those wishing to do harm to the U.S.? The problem is not just in New York City. Globally, counterfeiters are using funds for criminal activities, especially for terrorist organizations.

To check out the full video of what The Post spy found, click here.


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