Korea Launches Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign To Stop “Super Fakes”

December 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Although many of you know that China is a major source of counterfeit goods, Korea is also a huge manufacturer of fake products. Known for their skill in creating perfect imitations of luxury designer products, Korea is also becoming known as the creators of “super fakes.” Widely available in Korea, these “super fakes” are boldly near designer boutiques as well as copycat websites. There is little wonder why Korea’s “super fakes” are becoming a hot item.

An article published in the Korea Times last month addressed growing a stereotype. In Korea some feel that purchasing counterfeits could actually bring free advertising for luxury brands and show the level of the brand’s success. Some may feel that when a product is counterfeited they have “made it” so to speak, but in reality, purchasing a counterfeit does absolutely nothing to help the brand, or the economy for that matter.

This year, the Intellectual Property Centre of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea (EUCCK IP Centre) developed and published a series of anti-counterfeiting materials to distribute throughout Korea. This awareness campaign was put into practice to stop the stereotypes about counterfeiting, show Koreans that it is a punishable crime and make the general public aware of the criminal acts they are supporting when they purchase a fake.

Apparently anyone can walk down one of the main streets in Korea and find someone to sell them a “super fake,” even in broad daylight. So how do these counterfeiters get away with such an illegal act? Korea is very lenient with regards to punishing them and when they get to court, the maximum sentence is only one year in prison. The EUCCK works to track down the culprits online, but it is difficult. “You have these advertising links flashing up on legitimate websites, and it will take you to other websites, whose servers are often based outside of Korea. That causes problems for taking enforcement action against them,” Tom Duke, director of the European Chamber of Commerce in Korea (EUCCK) IP Centre, told The Korea Times.

Although it just launched this past August, we are hoping that the EUCCK IP Centre campaign will see some positive results over the next year and slow down the counterfeit market in Korea.


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