Fashion Blogger Buys Counterfeit Bag At Century 21

October 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

In New York, Century 21 is a well known and retailer for anyone looking for a deal. Yes, it may be every fashionista’s dream to purchase their favorite designers at insanely lower prices, but many of us have always trusted that the high-end designer discount store is selling us legitimate products and never counterfeits. Apparently that is not always the case.

In August, New York fashion blogger FARPITZS bought a Foley + Corinna tote bag for her sister from Century 21. Said fashion blogger purchased the bag for herself previously, direct from the designer, and was surprised to find it at a similar price at Century 21. Unfortunately, when she went into the Foley + Corinna boutique to buy a longer strap for the bag, the sales team inquired about where she purchased the bag. They informed her that they do not make straps that short, nor do they sell to Century 21. Her bag was a fake.

(Picture of the fake taken from FARPITZS)

Who knew – a well known store, with a very realistic knock off?  Who could?

When it comes to authentic versus fakes, we always say, “Do your homework.” You can learn about the brand, the website/store, and how the product is made.  On top of that, shouldn’t you be able to trust that an established store that has been providing high-end designer deals for almost 50 years in New York City would not sell their consumers a fake?  Today, you simply can’t.

In March of this year, Fendi won an injunction against Filene’s Basement and Burlington Coat Factory was ordered to pay $4.7 million to the luxury brand in February. Burberry took T.J Maxx and Marshalls to court earlier this year for allegedly selling counterfeits in mass quantities.

This also stems from our last blog post discussing the NY Times article where peddlers are now charging extremely similar, or in some cases, higher prices to those of the actual designer. Every year, it is becoming tougher to spot a fake for the average consumer. So I ask you, if you cannot trust that your favorite discount designer store or outlet does not sell the real thing, then who can you trust?

The bottom line is, if you see a fake in a well known store, report it to us at


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