Fake anti-malarial medicine plucked from distribution in Ghana

July 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

The efforts of a lone citizen who identified a sham anti-malarial drug distributed in Ghana have resulted in a country-wide seizure of the bogus pills and will likely save thousands of lives. The drug sold as Novartis Coartem was revealed to be fake through testing at sites developed and maintained by the USAID-supported Drug Quality and Information program where it was shown to contain none of the active ingredient necessary to treat malaria. Since the drugs were identified as frauds, the Ghana Foods and Drug Board has begun to warn those potentially using the impostor medicine and initiated a sweeping seizure of the life-threatening pills from retailers and wholesalers.

This is a compelling example of how an alert individual working with an agency can affect great change. It’s a call for further support: we need to champion these intersections of education and reliable infrastructure so they can continue to combat the presence of life threatening mock medicine and other counterfeit goods. We are inspired by all those involved in this life-saving confiscation and by the individuals and organizations who fight to deter the purveyors of fakes.

Read the full story.


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