Beware the overzealous discounter

July 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

At some point in the Aeneid, Virgil reminds readers of the infamous horse that hamstrung Troy by cautioning us to ‘beware of Greeks bearing gifts.’ Here at Fakes are Never in Fashion, ours might not be epic poetry, but we are fighting for what we believe is an epic cause and have a little advice for savvy shoppers that rings of the poet: ‘beware of websites bearing markdowns.’ Better still: ‘beware of sites bearing suspiciously generous markdowns with cuts north of 60% on luxury items.’ And while this might be a bit more literal than he would’ve written himself, we think Virgil would agree with the sentiment. After all, he saw exactly what happened to those careless Trojan shoppers.

Watch out for websites with enormous price cuts on luxury items. As a quick reference point, be concerned if you see a markdown on luxury products that would only be reasonable under a liquidation banner. Chances are, it’s a rip off.

When you consider the economy, it’s tough to get an idea of what a ‘reasonable sale’ might be. With the fashion industry getting hit by all the current struggle has to offer, the ordeals are felt on both sides of the sale, including abridged collections, price cuts and reduced spending power. We think it’s fair to say the landscape has changed. Diminished prices are the new status quo. And no one’s at fault here, it’s just the current reality.

Well, that’s not true. The counterfeiters are always at fault.

Still, whenever you come across an 80% discount sign, alarm bells ought to ring.

A fine article in The Daily News described a recent example involving a suspect website peddling Jimmy Choos and Louboutins at discounts of 64% and 80%, respectively. The shoes the customers eventually received in the mail were poorly sewn and smelled of toxic preservatives. They were clearly fakes.

We applaud The Daily News for considering the deeper, more dangerous implications of buying fake goods, including the human rights violations, job loss, and stolen tax revenue.

Harper’s Bazaar SVP and Publisher, Valerie Salembier was quoted in the piece:

“People assume it’s a victimless crime, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If the end user knew that their $50 knock-off handbag funds terrifying practices by organized criminals, they would think again about that supposed bargain. In France, customers risk imprisonment or heavy fines for purchasing or carrying fake goods.”

Our sentiments exactly.

We are inspired by Jane Ridley’s fine reporting and encourage The Daily News to keep up the solid work.

It seems that fakes have a lot in common with the Trojan Horse: they’re absolutely hollow and hide just as many destructive secrets.

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