ghd Warns of Counterfeit Hair Stylers

February 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

Cutting edge haircare brand ghd has found that the high demand for its thermodynamic tress products and ceramic stylers has lead to imposters in the market. The North American office of ghd warns consumers that a number of fake irons bearing the ghd brand name have been circulating the market. Consumers began calling ghd’s customer service line early last year complaining that their irons, purchased on eBay, were malfunctioning. Not long after, Quebec City officials discovered thousands of counterfeit items at a local vendor, many of which were hair irons falsely labeled as ghd stylers.

The company urges consumers to use caution when buying ghd products, making sure only to patronize authorized vendors. Unauthorized locations—both on-line and in-store—may sell counterfeit ghd product at a discounted rate; these irons are not only illegal, but could potentially be harmful as they have not gone through ghd’s strict safety tests. Additionally, ghd does not offer any warranties on irons that have been purchased through unauthorized retailers and does not replace counterfeit or diverted irons.

Ghd is working with its attorneys to shut down counterfeit operations—and keep your tresses safe from damage. The company has also assembled an extensive checklist so customers are able to identify whether their iron is counterfeit or not. Also, ghd is implementing a Track and Trace system that will allow them to catch diverters—also known as vendors that funnel faulty products to unauthorized haircare retailers.

Consumers who believe that they may have purchased a counterfeit iron can call ghd’s customer service line at 877-ghd-angel (877-443-2643). To purchase official ghd product, visit their official website, or go behind the brand and get hair tips and tricks on


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