Native American artists being hurt financially by counterfeiters

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Native American artisans in Gallup, New Mexico explained to a local paper, The Independent, that vendors peddling knockoffs of their carefully constructed folk art at half the price are hurting both their business and the art itself. Earl’s, an establishment in the town that sells authentic Navajo pottery and more, has begun a serious crackdown on any vendors attempting to pass off fakes as the real thing.

“Most of the vendors here have been here for 30 to 40 years,” said storeowner Ralph Richards. “They’ve got families. They’ve got kids in school and they’re just trying to make a living.”

“That’s all we ask is tell the consumers the truth,” Richards said of the counterfeiters selling knockoff folk art.
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Scientists create particle accelerator to test wine authenticity

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Centuries old wine has a new high tech spin—it can be checked for authenticity using a particle accelerator, developed by French scientists to discern age.

As concern over the authenticity of wine grows, this authentification system reassures wineries, retailers, auction houses, and consumers that they are purchasing the real thing. Often times, wine can be counterfeit by placing a fake label on a newer, cheaper bottle of wine to make it seem like a better vintage. This scientific development combats this manner of counterfeiting by ionically testing both the glass bottle, its label and its cork.
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